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Here's some of my photos of Jules from the Canberra Daze '98-'99 while i was doing the first year of my PhD in the Physics Research School next door to the John Curtin School...

Jools on Couch
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Jools lounging in the pink terry-towelling dressing gown in Downer, Canberra 1999.
One of the many sleepovers at Lower Downer. The rule was that if you were a guest you had to
wear the pink fluffy robe in the morning (true colour of the robe/hair not captured by the photo).
Us on the floor at 23rds
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Michael/Mark/Bill/Nick's joint 23rd birthday party, Sydney, October 1998.
Mark Reid, Jules, Michael Bromley and Nick Marriet's head.

Mark and Jools at UNSW flat
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Staying with Mark Reid at UNSW, Sydney, October 1998.
Carpenter Family
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Visiting Michael's Uncle, North Sydney, 1998 sometime?
Uncle James Carpenter, Nanna (Audrey) and Granddad (Jim) Carpenter,
Mark Reid, Emma Hamilton-Williams, Bill Cruickshank, Jules.
The corridor of love
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The 'Butts and Cleavage' Party, Canberra 1999.
Jules with Matt Roberts, Mary Huggins and ...

May 2003.... finally caught up with the Jooligan in the USofA.... i was postdoccing in Manhattan Kansas, about ten hours drive away from where
Jules was postdoccing in FtCollins, Colorado...  i was at a conference in Boulder Colorado, then spent a Day up at Arapaho

Jools gettin ready
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Getting ready for the telemarking mission in the morning....  the base camp was on I-70, seen in the distance
brom and jools
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Self-portrait with Jules
Jools gettin ready
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I'd rung out of steam (Flatlander syndrome), but Jules/Wes and Stuart was somewhere too???  they just kept on going up the hill!
Jools bringing the pre-iced beers
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Back to base camp safe and sound... time for the pre-iced beers
Jools gettin ready
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and again....
Belaying Jools
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The next day rockclimbing....

Photo of Jools in Humphrey the kombi in Ft.Collins on a post operation/pre-chemo adventure with Michael, Sarah and Karen.

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